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Esphome hall sensor

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Marine approved hydrostatic liquid level sensor for use in marine environments. This sensor is designed to be lowered into a tank or mounted to the outside of the tank in a wet environment. The sensor is suitable for measuring the level of seawater ballast, diesel fuel, wastewater and liquid cargo tanks.

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It isn't quite that simple. This thing outputs a pulse train with a frequency proportional to the flow through it: F= (5.5*Q)±2%, Q=L/Min, error: ±2%. Q=L/Min. That would be a LOT of on/off changes for your contact sensor to report. You either need something that can measure the frequency of that pulse train directly and report it back (Pi or. Sensor de puerta ESPHome Post by ricardogfp » Sat Apr 13, 2019 8:53 am Hola a todos, estoy comenzando en el mundo de la domótica y luego de leer y experimentar con el Home Assistant, traté de reutilizar un sensor de puerta de una alarma antigua y colocarle un ESP8266 para integrarlo en el HA Sensor de puerta ESPHome Post by ricardogfp » Sat. Popular Posts. KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor Module The KY-013 Analog Temperature Sensor module can measure ambient temperature based on the resistance of the thermistor on the board. Compatible with popular ... KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall module The KY-024 Linear magnetic Hall sensor reacts in the presence of a magnetic field. It has a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity. Solar PV monitoring DC multi circuit string energy... DJSF1352-RN EV Charger Din Rail DC Power Meter. AMC72L-DV Panel Mounted DC Digital Voltmeter. AMC72L-DI Panel Mounted DC Digital Ammeter. PZ72L-DE DC Multi-function Power Energy Meter.

Esphome hall sensor

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syssi / esphome-modbus-solax-x1 Public. Notifications Fork 5; Star 12. Code; Issues 2; Pull requests 0; Discussions; Actions; Security; Insights New issue Have a question about this project? ... Add additional sensor for measured faults #25. Open syssi opened this issue Jul 27, 2022 · 0 comments Open. Device Type: Sensors. AirGradient-DIY us. Generic Remote Receiver global. IoT-devices GGreg20_V3 module global. Mirabella Genio Door & Window Sensor global. NodeMCU ESP8266 with Temperature & Humidity Sensor (DHT11) global. Shelly EM eu uk us. Shelly i3 global. Edit this page on GitHub. The SCT013 series are sensors of non-invasive, current transformers that measure the intensity of a current that crosses a conductor without needing to cut or modify the conductor itself. We can use these sensors with a processor, like Arduino, to measure the intensity or power consumed by a load. The SCT013 sensors are current transformers, instrumentation devices that provide a measurement. Search: Esphome Adc.

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